Cassandra Plavoukos is an award winning advertising and editorial portrait photographer that specializes in dance, sports and fitness, and active lifestyle photography. She draws her inspiration from the visual and performing arts, a love of dance and music, and from her study of the formal, athletic, and whimsical nature of movement. Yet, she has always marveled in the wonders of the world and found beauty in the details, and perfection in the imperfections of life. She is as inspired by nature, color, water, textures, light and shadow as she is by subtle and explosive movement in her commercial work and portraiture. She loves to create images “off the clock” that speak to the unique features of found objects and open spaces, experimenting with exposure, shutter speeds, and different lenses. Since becoming a professional photographer, she has amassed a collection of images that have been made from travels and explorations throughout the U.S., images which have left an impression on her, long after the shutter was released. Only recently, at the urging of close friends who who have been requesting these images for years, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, has she decided to adapt and pivot thus, bringing to the forefront a seed that was planted many years ago. 

Commercial Work